International Tax and Transfer Pricing

Our international tax department, which comprises tax consultants and experts with many years of experience and a constant flow of information on transfer pricing, provides, inter alia:

  • Transfer pricing planning and compliance advice;
  • Advice and support in the preparation of transfer pricing documentation in accordance with all relevant legislations;
  • Support in transfer pricing audits;
  • Preparation of Master Files;
  • Preparation of Country by Country Reports;
  • Preparation of Local Files;
  • Benchmarking reports.

Kenya is one of the signatories to Multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance (MAAC). Signatories to the MAAC implement the Common Reporting Standards (CRS), in terms of which tax and financial information is exchanged on a global level in order to minimize worldwide tax evasion.

As of 1 January 2021, Kenya commenced with the exchange of data with other signatories of the CRS to ensure transparency and more efficient tax administration. Financial institutions will give personal account information to KRA on an annual basis which will expose any offshore transactions as well as offshore investment structures.

In that regard, our experience is that many taxpayers are at risk of tax exposure at a global level. Intelpoint Consulting has the expertise to advise and support clients in cases of tax examinations in all jurisdictions; and to ensure unity of purpose in submission of information.

The taxation of cross-border transactions and multinational entities is one of the most complex aspects of tax law. Internationally mobile employees and multinational entities face distinct reporting and compliance challenges. The challenge is compounded by the concerted enforcement efforts by revenue authorities across the globe.

With the expansion of operations into international markets comes the demand for more rigorous management of one’s tax affairs. Intelpoint Consulting offers a multi-faceted service line in dealing with international tax matters.

Let us help you with international tax