Tax Advisory and Compliance

Tax structuring is a key element of corporate business strategy when trying to achieve full tax compliance and reduce risks. Intelpoint Consulting provides optimal solutions tailored to the needs of each client individually.

In a legal environment where tax legislation is constantly under revision, our consultants keenly advise on the tax implications of clients’ selected structures, advise on ways to maximize tax opportunities, contribute to the implementation of the preferred structure, and ensure compliance with all tax obligations.

Our consultants provide client-specific tax services. They include:

The reduction of the global tax rate applicable to businesses operating at an international scale is crucial to their success. Companies should approach their tax planning using criteria that go beyond the domestic tax laws of individual countries.

From establishing subsidiaries and branches to structuring for the repatriation of profits, our tax experts will help you optimize an impending tax charge and keep you informed on tax developments that affect your business.

Our services for international tax structuring include:

  • Effective and tax-efficient strategies for domestic and international investments, pre and post any structured transaction
  • Updates concerning international tax developments with regard to Double Tax Agreements and the BEPS initiative which may impact your business
  • Tax structuring for domestic and international transactions
  • Management of tax claims and liabilities
  • Advice on tax matters such as tax harmonization across the world
  • Effective and tax-efficient planning for investments
  • Consulting on corporate tax issues
  • Effective and tax-efficient strategies for optimal tax management
  • Tax Diagnostic Review in cases of tax audits
  • Support and guidance during tax audits
  • Evaluation and optimization of the final effective tax rate
  • Advice and support in understanding and implementing government regulations.

Managing VAT becomes more complicated as its relative effect is not easily discernible, though it directly influences a company’s liquidity.

Intelpoint Consulting provides guidance and tools for their proper management, including:

  • Identifying potential risks and opportunities through VAT diagnostic reviews
  • Information on relevant legislation
  • Assistance in strategic planning with respect to indirect taxes so as to manage their impact on the company’s financial results, risk portfolio and organization
  • Support during tax audits or other tax proceedings
  • Advising on strategy and planning aiming to reduce the risks and costs from indirect taxes
  • Advising on internal procedures and indirect tax-related risk management
  • Assistance during discussions with the tax authorities and preparation of individual enquiries as per the Ministry’s requirements

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