Tax Debts Management

In our experience, businesses and individuals can be redeemed and can achieve tax compliance, without the need for legal proceedings, liquidations or prosecutions. We also recognize that owing money to KRA could result in criminal prosecution and incarceration.

We support and facilitate our clients in resolving KRA VAT, PAYE and Income tax debt.  Intelpoint Consulting handles every aspect on the tax debt which includes:

We speak to KRA on your behalf and navigate the complexities of dealing with outstanding debt. Using experience, expertise and professionalism, we deal directly with KRA, leaving you free to go about your business.

Through expert negotiation and an understanding of KRA systems, we negotiate
with the KRA to reach the best possible outcome for your tax debt.

After assessing your situation, we approach KRA with a compromise proposal through Alternative Dispute Resolution. If accepted, this will reduce the outstanding amount owed to KRA by you, effectively saving you money while still allowing you to reach tax compliance.

We analyze your cash flow and requirements to establish an acceptable repayment plan. We present this application to KRA and negotiate the details on your behalf.

Let us help you settle your tax debts