Voluntary Tax Disclosure

Intelpoint Consulting supports and facilitates clients willing to take advantage of the Voluntary Tax Disclosure Program (VTDP) in Kenya. Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) allows taxpayers to avoid criminal prosecution and regularise their tax affairs by making a disclosure under the Voluntary Tax Disclosure. A successful VTDP application allows for an applicant to receive waiver of penalties and to settle outstanding tax liabilities with KRA.

  • Regularize tax affairs;
  • Remittance of 100% of understatement penalties;
  • Remittance of 100% of administrative non-compliance penalties;
  • Transfer foreign funds back to Kenya “clean”; and
  • Amnesty from criminal prosecution.

Intelpoint Consulting experts will help you determine your past tax liabilities by:

  1. Carrying out an in-depth review of your financial affairs to determine your level of tax compliance;
  2. Highlighting instances of non-compliance and providing solutions to ensure compliance;
  3. Quantifying tax liabilities, penalties and interest arising from non-compliance;
  4. Assisting you with the online application for the VTDP; and
  5. Following up with KRA to ensure that you enter into an agreement for the waiver of penalties and interest settlement of the past tax liabilities.

Let us help you with voluntary tax disclosure